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The Hill Times

Four new books out: The Mosaic Effect; The Wild Horses of Chilcotin; Beryl, The Making of a Disability Activist; and She Dared to Succeed

CBC Front Burner

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CBC Radio Canada

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Quill & Quire

Quill & Quire Book Review - Beryl "Galer is a skilful biographer, not just in terms of the breadth of information he includes, but also in the vivid way he presents Potter’s life and the issues she advocated for. There isn’t one single passage in this book that drags or feels dull."

The Walrus

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The Tyee

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This Hamilton researcher uncovers the details of people's long-lost family histories ‘Every personal history has its own unique set of circumstances that make it valuable,’ Dustin Galer says

CBC Books Fall Reading List

46 works of Canadian nonfiction to read in fall 2023


Jonathan Marchand is one of the thousands of young disabled people living in long-term care. But Marchand doesn’t want to fix the system. He doesn’t think it can be reformed. Marchand is an abolitionist. For a century and a half, Canada has hidden away disabled people in institutions where they were neglected and abused. Is long-term care just the latest incarnation of this dark history?

Historia Canadiana

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Active History

Disability Activism – What’s Old is News Sean Graham interviews Dustin Galer on Beryl: The Making of a Disability Activist


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Shay Erlich talks to Dustin Galer about Disability Activist Beryl Potter

The Miramichi Reader

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The Hamilton Spectator

'Uncovering this hidden history': New book explores history of Greensville and surrounding communities

National Post

Virtue and Moir's Rock the Rink tour not paying Special Olympics participants Advocates say having people with disabilities volunteer their time to a business, doing work others would be paid for, is a problematic way to promote inclusion

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