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Your Story Matters

Personal History Services

Do you want to combine your photos, stories and memorabilia into something truly special? Take your organization's story and transform it into a memorable showpiece or capture your family's history before those key storytellers are gone.


Meet The Historian

Dustin Galer, PhD

I am Dr. Dustin Galer, a professional historian with a PhD in History from the University of Toronto. I use my advanced training and more than a decade of experience interviewing, writing and publishing to transform your memories and historical memorabilia into polished corporate histories, biographies and family histories. 

I am here to guide you through this journey at your own pace. Background research, interviews, transcription, analysis and digital archiving of photos, documents and objects; I manage your personal history project from start to finish to help you share your story with family, friends, and clients.

Contact me below to get started. I look forward to working with you!

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

Why Do I Need An Historian?


Capture stories of storytellers to preserve authentic voice and essence of key individuals. 

Digital Archiving

Preserve precious photos, documents, newspaper clippings, and other memorabilia in digital high-resolution.


Rigorous approach to research to add depth, intrigue and clarity to any personal history project. 

Project Management

Eliminate stress, procrastination and false starts with a centralized point-person adept at undertaking a multi-level approach to project management to meet hard or soft deadlines with fast turnaround times. 


Direct production of high-quality, customized print, audio or video products. Create website or shareable media content for any audience.



“We really enjoyed being part of the process. Thank you for making it so easy! You did all the interviewing and hard work, but the process was simple and straightforward. You did a wonderful job with the balance of the history, pictures, stories and interviews. The story really jumps off the pages. Our employees, retirees and customers absolutely love the format and material. Some even want to buy an extra copy!”

— Peter Turkstra, CEO, Turkstra Lumber


Corporate History
Biography & Family History

Your Story Matters

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